Svea Imholze & Friederike Rohse

Laesoe Art Hall is proud to collaborate with some of the finest craft artists in Hamburg. This season we present works of Svea Imholze and Friederike Rohse.


Svea Imholze. Photo: Isabelle Hofmann

Friederike Rohse. Photo:










Friederike Rohse, necklace. “Lemon”. Gold. DKK 3.122,-



Friederike Rohse, earrings, “Stones of Venice”. Gold, smaragd. DKK 13.414,-


Friederike Rohse, necklace, “Fished out of the canal”. Gold, copper, silver, enamel, topas, prasiolite. DKK 36.516,-


Svea Imholze, “Chain”. Silver. DKK 895,-


Svea Imholze, earrings. DKK 2.087,-


Svea Imholze, earrings. Silver. DKK 1.937,-